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Specially developed for staple and continous fibre and yarn production.

Developed for blending of all type of natural and synthetic fibre mixtures.

Avivage finishes are developed to give different properties (such as softening slipness, hydrophilic, filling, flame retardency, antimicrobial effect, etc) to synthetic fibres and yarns.

Specially developed to prevent problems caused by static charge on all type of synthetic fibre.

Developed to prevent needle beds, needles and plates of knitting machines against wearing.

Optical Brightners, Pigments (Blue, Violet, etc.), Masterbatches, TiO2 and PET Washing Agents for virgin and recycled PET fibre processes.

Developed for lubrication of all type of synthetic yams after texturizing or combining with elastan yarn.

Developed to be used in transferring of all synthetic yarns to the warp beams.

Products such as defoamers, biocides, machine cleaners and desenfectants.

Silicon oil and special waxes combination improved to be used for lubricating sewing threads.