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Water miscible, semi and full synthetic "cutting fluids". They have optimum cooling and lubrication properties and being used in the processes such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding and sawing processes.

Specially developed for closed system gears. They include EP, anticorrosive, antioxidant and defoamer additives. They can work in heavy operations.

Developed to be used in moulding operations of plastic, rubber, soft metals and concrete. They are classified in two groups as silicone based and silicone free.

Strengthened with special additives (EP, anticorosive, anti-wear additives) for extreme pressure and heat resistant for heavy operations like broaching. Used in broaching, drilling, deep hole drilling, milling, cutting and thread cutting operations.

Developed to be used in the forming processes of pipes, profiles, wires and metal plates. They have extreme preasure and heat resistance, not cause smoking, provide exellent surface output and easily removable in degreasing bath.

Developed to be used in the cleaning process of the oils and dirts over the of aluminum, iron and steel surfaces.

Developed to protect all kinds of iron and steel materials against oxidation and rust, during transportation and pre-storage in the weather, water and humidity conditions.

Consist special hydro carbons, EP additives, surface active agents and anticorrosive agents which devoloped for cooling the blades used in cutting operation of frit and glass blocks .

Defoamers, paint removers, rust removers, pH increasers, biocides and desenfectants.